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Welcome to Anza Electric Cooperative


Come walk with us!

We all know someone who has some form of heart or cardiovascular disease.
On May 6, 2017, Anza Electric employees will join thousands of others around the country in the effort to stop this killer by participating in the American Heart Association's "Heart Walk."
This fund raising event helps AHA finance educational outreach and research aimed at finding effective treatments to lower the incidence of premature disability and death from heart related illness.

Click the logo below to sign up to walk or donate!


Occasionally, it’s necessary to perform maintenance on our equipment and that sometimes involves temporarily disconnecting our members’ power.
The members most affected are those who are on life support. We maintain a list of those who depend on any type of life support system and we use this list to notify these individuals of a planned outage.
If you or someone in your household is on life support please be sure and let us know.
Identification tags are also placed on meters to alert crews of the existence of a life support system.
With the member’s permission, copies of AEC’s life support list are forwarded to the local fire stations so they also may be aware of a member’s special needs.


Because power outages can’t always be controlled and the duration of the outage may be extensive, it’s important to maintain a sufficient backup supply of oxygen or other medical equipment you may need during this time.


High-speed internet is quickly becoming a reality for the area. 

Construction has begun and fiber optic cable is being hung.                                                                                                                                 

Free Wi-Fi internet is currently available at the Anza Community Hall and Minor Park. No password is needed!

A map has been uploaded to showing the areas we're currently building in. Sign up for high-speed internet service at

To track our progress or sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date
on the project visit

ConnectAnza is busy installing fiber to more areas.

You may see our contractors in your area hanging the fiber cable on our utility poles.  If they need access to the poles on your property, they will leave you a white Anza Electric card.

Please contact Anza Electric ASAP at 951-763-4333 when you receive a card to schedule access for the contractors.

We look forward to getting service to you VERY SOON!

New! As part of our dedication to provide safe, secure service, AEC is introducing a new toll-free phone number specifically for payments.

Members can pay their bills over the phone with a debit/credit card, or check using the new Pay-by-Phone number 844-311-7201.


                                                                                        Interested in getting a $10 Bill Credit?

Sign up for Auto-pay here and once you're done,
let us know. We'll issue the bill credit once Auto-Pay
has been confirmed!
It's that easy!


Anza Electronic
Waste Collection


Bring your old electronics (working or not)
to the Cooperative office until January 31st.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday
8:00 a.m.  - 4:00 p.m.


Anza Electronic Waste Collection Event
held in conjunction with Temecula Recycling



Online Bill Pay

Now Accepting American Express & Discover!

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